Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LT Oksana Font On Michael Jackson T-Shirt

LT Oksana Font On Michael Jackson Tribute T-Shirt As one of the the many fans of Michael Jackson, I was so happy to see my font LT Oksana used on this Make Your Mark T-Shirt design competition entry, that serves as a tribute to the amazing musician whom passed away suddenly and tragically this year.

I can honestly say, that I don't think I have ever been more affected by a celebrities death as I was his.His music was amazing, I think of him often, he was a very bright light on this earth.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Frail & Bedazzled Font In Use

Frail & Bedazzled Font In UseBook cover design and web graphic below featuring the font Frail & Bedazzled, I created, just some examples of my fonts "in use." This font is free to use and download for personal use, and can be used commercially with a PayPal donation. I love to see my fonts in use and feature them in my blog, so if you have something you created using one of my fonts let me know!

Entities 1: Le Jour de L'Eveil
"Entities 1: Le Jour de L'Eveil"
by Mathieu Forntin
Illustrated by Oliver Carpentier
Publisher: Editions Trampoline
Graphic Artist: Nancy L├ętourneau
Graphic Artist:Gabrielle Leblanc

Mentioned in the One and Only Web Designer Mag
Web Graphic Lettering,
"Web Designer Mag"
by Andy Sowards
Website: AndySowards.com :: Web Design, Developement, Programming

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fonts In Use on deviantART

Fonts In Use on deviantART Here are some examples of how artists on deviantART have used my fonts in their work. Most images are shown here at a lower resolution and smaller size than the actual artwork, to fully appreciate click the artist's link or the image itself to visit it's original location.

Please note that these images are shown here with permission by the artist, and protected by the copyrights of those artists; they may not be redistributed or altered in any form. They are considered "artwork," so I trust that you will respect the rights of their artists and enjoy them.

Vintage Aircraft Postcard
Font: LT Nutshell Library Font
Vintage Aircraft Postcard

Font: Champagne & Limousines Font

Jesus Loves Metal
Font: Frail & Bedazzled Font
Jesus Loves Metal

Simon Cowell - Black and White
Font: Caviar Dreams Font
Simon Cowell - Black and White

Music Rainbow
Font: Champagne & Limousines Font
Music Rainbow

Slider in style
Font: Champagne & Limousines Font

If you have created something using any of my fonts that you would like to have feaured ina future "Fonts In Use" post please do comment or email me nymphont @ yahoo dot com I'd love to see your work!

Super Useful Blogspot & Blogging Resources

Super Useful Blogspot & Blogging Resources Through the various social bookmarking sites and networks that I so much appreciate, I have been able to find super resources that helped me accomplish a multitude of things that I sought to do with this blog.

Some have been helpful with blogspot related needs, but most resources are applicable to blogging in general. And even those that I've utilized for a blogspot-specific resource usually are not limited to that content only, and provide the same for other blogging mediums and more.

Furthermore, some resources are useful not only to blogspot and blogging, with content relevant to and useful in a number of avenues and uses. This list is comprised of sites that have been useful to myself and my blogging experience. All of these I truly recommend for the resource they provided me, no affiliates, sponsors or agendas here. Just the facts, these sites made my blogging day.
Blog Tips/Design/CSS
  • BloggerBuster - Mother of all Blogger-Blog tutorial+help sites
  • Blog Godown - Another excellent resource site for bloggers. Tips, tutorials, icons and more.
  • Blogger Mags -Blogger Templates, widgets +hacks
  • BloggerStop.Net - Blogger widgets, tutorials + general blogging tips
  • Blogger Tricks - Some great Blogger-specific tutorials + tips
  • cheth Studios - General blogging tips + tutorials plus some blogger-specific, free icons and more
cheth Studios
  • CSSPlay - The one-stop shop for CSS ideas + how to's
  • CSS Reflex - Blogging + Blogger tips as well as other super stuff like sharing their J Query Fullsize script
CSS Reflex
Misc. Resources
  • Image*After - The best source of FREE stock images. Know of others, do comment + let me know!
  • HighLogic - Makers of font related software, offers free trial download of font making software "Font Creator"
  • The Font Thing - Free Font Manager & Viewer
  • December.com - Color Shades Hex Codes My favorite HTML/Hex Codes Color Chart (Besides my own which I might soon share for a handy reference for those in need!)
  • Bit.ly - URL shortener + tracker
  • IconJ - Free favicon maker + host
  • PayPal - Placing + receiving online payments
Photo + File Storing/Sharing
  • Photobucket Photo + image storing/sharing
  • Picasa - Easy, fast & lots of room for photos + other images
  • Flickr - Photo + Image storing sharing, the best
  • Ripway - free online file storage, pretty basic, no frills but I use it
Social Networks
  • deviantART - Network for designers/artists of all varieties
  • Twitter - This is where I find most of my resources
  • StumbleUpon - My favorite place to store + surf bookmarks
The Dude's CSS Gallery
  • Vandelay Design Blog - Lots of design inspiration posts orginized by style
  • Typeish - The best/coolest images from photography, webdesign, print & fashion
  • DesignBombs - Nice screen capture gallery
  • Inspired Mag - All sorts of design inspiration and other good stuff

I will be adding links to this list as I find themto keep track of all the great resources I find. So check back periodically or better yet, share and save this post! Have a swell day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Damask Dings 1 Dingbat Font

Damask Dings 1 Dingbat FontIntroducing Damask Dings1, the new dingbat font by Nymphont, shapes and designs styled like those found in damask prints and patterns. First in a series. I hope you like it and find this useful.

Damask Dings 1 Dingbat Font Poster
Download Font

Download is free for personal use. A commercial license for these fonts requires a donation. The zip contains 1 font files in Windows TrueType™ format and the ReadMe.txt that definines the Terms of Use/End User License Agreement. Please read the Terms of Use/End User License Agreement as the terms specified within are binding upon download.

Donations for the license to use this font commercially can be placed via PayPal using any major credit card, and do not require a PayPal account. Click here if you would like to donate. Email me nymphont@yahoo.com if you have any questions or need any assistance.

About Damask Dings1
Version 1.00 was released July 06, 2009, is a set of dingbat shapes designed by me, Lauren Thompson, "Nymphont." the shapes are styled like those found in traditional damask prints. I plan more dingbats in this style, hence this font being numbered '1,' as it is the first of the series.

Damask Dings1 Example
Damask Dings 1 Dingbat Font Example

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Watercolor Flourish Desktop Wallpaper

Watercolor Flourish Desktop Wallpaper Newly added to my Flickr photostream, with my 'signature-style' flourishes. The wallpaper below is in PNG format, the zip file contains widescreen, 1152x864, and 1024x768 resolutions.

Watercolor Flourish Desktop Wallpaper
Download Desktop Wallpaper ↓

Dafont Download Statistics Revealed

Thumb In celebration of surpassing 1,000,000 downloads on dafont.com, I thought I would share these screen-captures of past and current download statistics. Not that I have much to brag about (Only four fonts in the top 100 right now for example, most of which that have remained in the top100 since their debut/never leaving, yawn.....) but since these stats are not made public (thankfully) maybe they'd be interesting to some, if not other designers on dafont who would like to compare.

And let's not beat around the bush here, I am revealing my download statistics, well, because I am a bit proud of them. Some of them at least. My only regret is I did not get a screen capture when LT Chickenhawk first appeared on the site. At it's peak daily downloads passed the 10,000 mark. Yes ten-thousand-downloads in one 24-hour period!

During it's three week stay in the #1 spot on dafont.com's Top 100 (over three weeks if you want to get technical, but who's counting?), it was regularly getting anywhere between 5,000-9,000 downloads daily according to my download statistics.

Though I didn't get a screen-capture during LT Chickenhawk's Heyday, the stats on these screen-captures are nothing to scoff at. Well except for those of poor LT Nutshell Library maybe. Always a low turn-out for that one. They can't all be winner's right? But most of them are, as you will see with my dafont download statistics revealed.
Download Statistics 04/28/09
Download Statistics 04/28/09

Download Statistics 05/11/09
Download Statistics 05/11/09

Download Statistics 05/12/09
Download Statistics 05/12/09

Download Statistics 05/17/09
Download Statistics 05/17/09

Today's Statistics (07/18/09)
Download Statistics 07/18/09
Add em' up. Over 1,000,000 downloads since the debut of my first font on dafont.com, December 11, 2008*. Thanks for the love dafont!. I don't care what anyone says about free fonts, you're still the best font site by far. W00t!