Saturday, September 26, 2009

8 Amazing Screen Captures of Fonts In Use

8 Amazing Screen Captures of Fonts In UseI came upon several wonderful websites recently employing my fonts in their designs, I took a few screen captures for examples of my fonts in use. I am very pleased with how the designer's of these sites have implemented my fonts, and of course I'm stoked my font was useful to them and chosen for their design. Take a look at these 8 screen captures of websites where my fonts are in use below.

Amber Snow Photography



Design Adept

Dan Kern, Writer Storyteller

Love Like Astra

Studio Nash Vegas

I hope you enjoyed viewing these websites, share your thoughts below in a comment. Also, do you use one of my fonts in your web design? If so feel free to comment and share your URL as well. I'd be happy to feature your site in a future post.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fonts In Use Roundup

Fonts In Use RoundupSeeing examples of how my fonts have been put to use by others is something I truly enjoy, welcome, and even actively seek out myself. I do not know if I would ever tire of seeing the creations of others using my fonts, no matter how "big," or "established," I became! I really don't!

I rounded up some of the excellent creations that others have made using my fonts. From the simplest and smallest of scale creations to the broadest; I am so happy to have provided something the creators of these images found useful, even if they themselves themselves didn't give it too much thought! My font worked for them. Yes! (I'll take all the good karma points I can get!)

Some of the following images I discovered myself, while others were kindly shared with me by their creators. Please note, most images are shown smaller than their full size. To fully appreciate the images featured , click on them or the links to visit the actual sites they are located on. Thanks again to those who have shared their creations with me :)

Web Design

Cometmoth Photography
Font Used: LT Oksana Font
Cometmoth Photography

Font Used: Caviar Dreams Font

deviantART & Other Art

"Simon & Paula"  by ~mhawnick001, Bittersweet Irony on deviantART
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font
Simon & Paula

"Love Hate"  by ~cxard on deviantART
Font Used: LT White Fang Font
Love & Hate

"Happy Birthday dA"  by ~mushir on deviantART
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font
Happy Birthday DA

"Nymphont in 3D" by =Chelfyn on deviantART
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font

Logo & Advertising

Logo Design by Lucas Castro for Creative Unity
Font Used: Champagne & Limousines Font
Logo Design by Lucas Castro

Flyer by Pat! Larochelle of Haute-TensioN
Font Used: Frail & Bedazzled Font
Flyer by Pat! Larochelle of Haute TensioN

Those are just a few superb examples of how others have put my fonts to use. Have you created something with one of my fonts that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below or contact me if you would like to have your creation featured in a future 'fonts in use' post, I'd love to see your work!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tops of the Types September

Tops of the Types SeptemberRight on schedule, September's "Tops of the Types" is here, with ten freshly found fonts, free to be downloaded. Once monthly, for the font-loving public, I compile ten of my personal favorite new or newly found free-font discoveries, and share them in a "Tops of the Types," post on this blog.

This month, some inclusions on the list are not quite new in the traditional sense, but are either new to myself, or they're just old enough that I find them newly fresh. There may also be a few "it," fonts, or popular fonts making every recent font list, but only if they are truly just that good; selections are not based on current popularity.

As usual, the download links will refer you to the source or authors website, rather than being available directly from this blog.

Dubbed "Tuesdays Ten," without further adieu, the "Tops of the Types September" are listed below! I do hope that you find one, if not many of the fonts listed to be useful. Enjoy!

#1 Skirt Font | Unresist
Where to Download »
Skirt Font

#2 Telegraphico Font | ~ficod
Where to Download »
Telegraphico Font

#3 Stereofidelic Font | Ray Larabie
Where to Download »
Stereofidelic Font

#4 Beraka Font 2 | Beraka
Where to Download »
Beraka Font 2

#5 Goudy Oldstyle (& Italic) Font | Barry Schwartz (=chemoelectric)
Where to Download »
Goudy Oldstyle Font

#6 Ripe Font | Ivan Philipov? Ripe Type
Where to Download »
Ripe Font

#7 MTF Base Outline Font | Miss Tina
Where to Download »
MTF Base Outline Font

#8 Antitime Font | ~AntitimeTT
Where to Download »
Antitime Font

#9 Tung Font Alpha 003 | ?
Where to Download »
Tung Font Alpha

#10 Hoyle Playing Cards Font | ~Conexion
Where to Download »
Hoyle Playing Cards Font

What do you think of September's Top's of the Types, do you like or dislike a particular font? Do you think another font should have been included? Please feel free to share your thoughts below! I am always looking for the next month's "Top's of the Types."