Saturday, July 25, 2009

Super Useful Blogspot & Blogging Resources

Super Useful Blogspot & Blogging Resources Through the various social bookmarking sites and networks that I so much appreciate, I have been able to find super resources that helped me accomplish a multitude of things that I sought to do with this blog.

Some have been helpful with blogspot related needs, but most resources are applicable to blogging in general. And even those that I've utilized for a blogspot-specific resource usually are not limited to that content only, and provide the same for other blogging mediums and more.

Furthermore, some resources are useful not only to blogspot and blogging, with content relevant to and useful in a number of avenues and uses. This list is comprised of sites that have been useful to myself and my blogging experience. All of these I truly recommend for the resource they provided me, no affiliates, sponsors or agendas here. Just the facts, these sites made my blogging day.
Blog Tips/Design/CSS
  • BloggerBuster - Mother of all Blogger-Blog tutorial+help sites
  • Blog Godown - Another excellent resource site for bloggers. Tips, tutorials, icons and more.
  • Blogger Mags -Blogger Templates, widgets +hacks
  • BloggerStop.Net - Blogger widgets, tutorials + general blogging tips
  • Blogger Tricks - Some great Blogger-specific tutorials + tips
  • cheth Studios - General blogging tips + tutorials plus some blogger-specific, free icons and more
cheth Studios
  • CSSPlay - The one-stop shop for CSS ideas + how to's
  • CSS Reflex - Blogging + Blogger tips as well as other super stuff like sharing their J Query Fullsize script
CSS Reflex
Misc. Resources
  • Image*After - The best source of FREE stock images. Know of others, do comment + let me know!
  • HighLogic - Makers of font related software, offers free trial download of font making software "Font Creator"
  • The Font Thing - Free Font Manager & Viewer
  • - Color Shades Hex Codes My favorite HTML/Hex Codes Color Chart (Besides my own which I might soon share for a handy reference for those in need!)
  • - URL shortener + tracker
  • IconJ - Free favicon maker + host
  • PayPal - Placing + receiving online payments
Photo + File Storing/Sharing
  • Photobucket Photo + image storing/sharing
  • Picasa - Easy, fast & lots of room for photos + other images
  • Flickr - Photo + Image storing sharing, the best
  • Ripway - free online file storage, pretty basic, no frills but I use it
Social Networks
  • deviantART - Network for designers/artists of all varieties
  • Twitter - This is where I find most of my resources
  • StumbleUpon - My favorite place to store + surf bookmarks
The Dude's CSS Gallery
  • Vandelay Design Blog - Lots of design inspiration posts orginized by style
  • Typeish - The best/coolest images from photography, webdesign, print & fashion
  • DesignBombs - Nice screen capture gallery
  • Inspired Mag - All sorts of design inspiration and other good stuff

I will be adding links to this list as I find themto keep track of all the great resources I find. So check back periodically or better yet, share and save this post! Have a swell day.

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