Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesdays 10: Tops of the Types 2

Tuesdays 10: Tops of the Types 2 As usual, I've been 'stumbling' and 'digging' all sorts of 'del.icio.us' typefaces during the past few weeks, I think you will like ten font's that made it into this month's Tops of the Type.

The fonts are linked to the source/author's website rather than distributing them from here, to give you a chance to see what else they have to offer & because they deserve your visit. Enjoy.

#1 Aaargh Normal Font | Tup Wanders
Where to Download »
Aaargh Normal Font

#2 Dreamland Font | dustBUST
Where to Download »
Dreamland Font

#3 Sweet Doughnuts Font | Flop Design
Where to Download »
Sweet Doughnuts Font

#4 Scrum Bucket Font | Tioem
Where to Download »
Scrum Bucket Font

#5 Display Font | Denis Serikov
Where to Download »
Display Font

#6 Geronto Font | Jack Usine
Where to Download »
Geronto Font

#7 Bosox Font | Lee Gordon
Where to Download »
Bosox Font

#8 Lane - Narrow Font | Graham Mead
Where to Download »
Lane - Narrow Font

#9 Fish Soup Font | Fuel Fonts
Where to Download »
Fishsoup Font

#10 Sophia Font | Jerome Berthemet
Where to Download »
Sophia Font

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