Sunday, July 12, 2009

10 Cool Font Sites

10 Cool Font SitesHere are ten new or recently discovered font sites, that I think are pretty "cool." These sites are great because they are a bit different than your average or most popular font sites, each is unique and has something useful to offer. Enjoy.

#1 FreeTypography

#2 Font Sugar
Font Sugar

#3 CAT Webdesign Peter Weigel
CAT Webdesign

#4 Fresh Bump: A - Z List of Typographers
Fresh Bump: A - Z List of Typographers

#5 Free Fonts Download
Free Fonts Download

#6 TypeNeu


#8 FontHit - advanced font search
FontHit - advanced font search

#9 Bt Font | Better Fonts
Bt Font | Better Fonts

#10 TypeNow

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