Friday, July 3, 2009

New Design Inspiration Flickr Set

For your viewing pleasure and design inspiration, ( as well as my own) I created a new flickr set "Love This Design," a collection of inspirational web-design screen-captures, and their respective URL's. I of course posted my own personal favorites; the sites that I find myself revisiting over, and over again, just to admire, and will be adding new ones as I find them.

If you could use some design inspiration for your own projects, or if you just love web design you are cordially invited to visit my set "Love This Design." These websites certainly do the trick for me, and they motivate me to design better as well. Someday I suppose, someday!

Anywho, while your there, don't be shy, go ahead and add me as a contact if you want, I am new an all by my lonesome on flickr! Thanks.
Love This Design
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Well happy trails. Give your life a listen and stay tuned. ~Lauren, from Las Vegas

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