Monday, July 6, 2009

10 Inspiring *Blogspots

10 Inspiring Blogspots Today's Top Ten List, or Tonight's rather, is a collection of great blogs hosted by Blogger. Being a *Blogspot blogger myself, I like it when I find other great blogs also hosted at Blogger. This list is comprised of 10 of my recent *Blogspot discoveries. These sites all have something to do with design including fonts, colors and inspiration. Enjoy!

1) I ♥ My Design
Nicely designed site that has tons of great inspirational images and also some tutorials

2) Blogger Magz
One of the best sites for blogger templates and tutorials. Have used some of their tips on this blog myself.

3) Supergraphic. blog
Like the name implies, this blog's posts feature super graphics. Great for design inspiration.

4) Google Blogger FAQ
You would't guess it from the blog's template (It's a default style blogger template) But this blog is written by a super smart blogger & it's posts explain all there is to know about blogging on blogspot. Great tips & tutorials.

5) Colour Post
This blog has not been updated in quite some time, but it does post some great inspiring images and color palettes.

6) . a n a l o g . d r e a m s .
Blog of the designer of the "Juice" font.

7)MBC Design Studio
Another blog that hasn't been updated in a while, but I love this one. Super typography links & inspiration. One of my favorites.

Maker of some free fonts, posts about design & typography

9) All Blogpot Templates
Wonderful source of blog templates for Blogger.

10) Things To Look At
More inspirational photographs for design

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