Saturday, July 31, 2010

Free Blogger Template: Murmurs Drawn

Free Blogger Template: Murmurs DrawnMurmurs Drawn is a new free blogger template I have designed, the name of which drawing inspiration from The Smashing Pumpkins song, "Thru the Eyes of Ruby."

This template features a post summary and thumbnail script, which can be customized further but does not require any editing and will be ready as is. Fonts and colors can be customized using Blogger's new Template Designer, under the "Advanced" category.

XML Blogger Template
By Lauren Thompson
Free Blogger Template: Murmurs Drawn


  • 2 column fixed width layout, the second column allowing optional narrow-third column, all sections "widgetized" or "gadget-ready"
  • 3 column footer, also "widgetized"
  • Optional and customizable linkbars. Super easy to use and customize, details below.
  • Supports Blogger Template Designer editing tools, easily change fonts and colors in practically all areas of the template by selecting the "Advanced" category
  • Images included, you do not need to upload the images to your own server, they are stored in my account which allows generous direct linking bandwidth. However, users who have access to an image host are advised to download the images and upload them to their own server, as the bandwidth could potentially be exceeded in the future. Download the images from here. (Images are now also included in the zip download for convenience.)
  • Title setup optimized and corrected for better SEO.
  • Embedded comment form below post
  • Functional search box included
  • Wireframe setup for easy adding and removing gadgets
  • Post Summary with Thumbnail script included, working immediatly upon uploading the template


  • Templates are free to use in Blogger blogs, however, the link back to (usually located in the bottom footer) must not be removed.
  • Do not redistribute this template for paid download.
  • Do not add your own links to the template code and redistribute.
  • Modifications to the template are allowed either through the Blogger Dashboard or directly in the code, however, the link back to Nymphont/NymFont ( still must remain intact and again, not be removed, thank you. 
  • Do not add your own links to the template code and re-distribute.

  • If you are going to redistribute the template, you are not permitted to add your own links to the template.
  • In addition, it is asked that you do not link directly to my files for the download, nor upload them to your own servers for download. Instead you must link back to my own page for the template, or simply to the index of this website,
  • The terms and license for the template(s) must be stated and given whenever redistributing

This is non-negotiable. If you want to share or redistribute my templates, this is how it must be done. If you don't want to abide these terms, then you don't want to share or redistribute my templates.

Cutomizing Main Linkbar

Add your links to the main linkbar simply by clicking the "Design" tab from the Blogger Dashboard, in the "Page Elements," subcategory. From there, click on the widget labeled "Linkbar," to add your links. If you do not want to use the linkbar, simply leave this widget empty.

Additional Details

If you do have access to your own image host, you might want to  host the images at your own server. To do so download the images here and replace image URL's in the code with the corresponding URL's at your server.

Images are also now included in the zip download for convenience. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment if you need assistance replacing the images.

Post Summary & Thumbnail Script

This script is included in the template and requires no editing. The script automatically creates a post summary (the first 325 characters of the post) and selects the first image used in a post as a thumbnail. As is the thumbnail is scaled to 200x200 pixels. If no images are included in the post, the script simply displays the first 475 characters of text.

If you would like to make changes to this, the scripts are located in the HTML at the end of the CSS styling just before the actual HTML of the layout begins and is pretty self-explanatory. If you need any assistance on this leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

I would love to get some feedback on this template! What do you think about Murmurs Drawn? I hope you like it!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chibi Vector Illustration Showcase

Chibi Vector Illustration ShowcaseWith the goal of becoming a better "vector artist," and just better at digital illustration all around, I have been doing a lot of personal (not for work/client) illustrations. I quite enjoy it, and have tried my hand at a few styles of illustrating that were new to me as well. One of the styles that I am particularly fond of, is creating "chibi" illustrations.

The term "chibi," is derived from Japanese language, and it means small  or little. Within the culture of anime and manga illustration, it specifically refers to the drawing of a character in an exaggerated form, most often small and or in child form, with a large head and large eyes. Illustrations in this style are sometimes referred to as "super-deformed." See  Wikipedia's definition of chibi.

Though I do not consider my own "chibi" illustrations to be anime or manga, I do use the term "chibi" to define them. Most are in the typical ratio of chibis or super deformed chibis, that would be head to body ratio of 3:1, but not all. Simply put, in this showcase, are some of my "illustrations of people and characters with big heads and little bodies" :)

My Fair Lady Illustration Illustration copyright Lauren Thompson
"Audrey Hepburn - My Fair Lady" © Lauren Thompson
First in a series of Audrey Hepburn as Eliza in "My Fair Lady" illustrations that I am going to create, so stay tuned! Mouse drawn in PhotoShop, all vector. No raster, blur, or PhotoShop styling/elements.

Ariel Chibi Illustration copyright Lauren Thompson
"Ariel Chibi" © Lauren Thompson
I like the colors in this, but I received a comment that it does not look very much like the Disney Ariel that we all know and love, and I had to agree. Hence, I have started working on a new Ariel illustration, again, stay tuned... Mouse drawn in PhotoShop, no raster, blur, or PhotoShop styling/elements, all vector (except for the background which I did raster & use a plug-in filter).

Claudia the Vampire Child Illustration copyright Lauren Thompson
"Claudia the Child Vampire" © Lauren Thompson
Claudia from Anne Rice's novel and feature film, "Interview with the Vampire." Her appearance somewhat was inspired by the look of actress Kirsten Dunste, who played the charactr in the film, namely her super tight ringlets. Mouse drawn in PhotoShop, all vector, some brush tool used.

Material Girls Illustration copyright Lauren Thompson
"Material Girls" © Lauren Thompson
What can I say about this? I was simply compelled to create this, my vector rendition of the infamous 2003 VMA appearance of Britney Spears, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera. Mouse drawn in PhotoShop, All vector; no raster, blur, brush or PhotoShop styles. This would be an example of chibi's that are not super deformed or true to definition; they are chibi with exaggerated proportions, but to a lesser degree.

Laila Does Lolita Illustration copyright Lauren Thompson
"Laila Does Lolita" © Lauren Thompson
Laila, the pink and yellow haired chibi girl, is my OC (original character). Here she is in a "Sweet Lolita" styled fashion. Mouse drawn vector in PhotoShop, vector with some brush tool and other elements used.

Laila Likes the Dark Illustration copyright Lauren Thompson
"She Likes The Dark" © Lauren Thompson
Laila my OC again, in a look that she is more comfortable in, "Gothic Lolita." All vector made in PhotoShop, no brush, blur, PhotoShop styles.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these, I sure enjoyed illustrating them! View more of my digital creations on deviantART and flickr. I would love to hear your thoughts on them, so please do leave a comment below. Thanks!