Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Dingbat & Other Projects...

New Dingbat & Other Projects... I just submitted the new dingbat I created, LT Sweet Nothings, to for review. I hope that it will be included on the next update, along with my other new submissions, LT White Fang Font and Nymph's Handwriting Font.

New fonts are added approximately once a month so it shouldn't be long to wait for the next update.

LT Sweet Nothings Dingbat Font
LT Sweet Nothings Dingbat Font »

It is neat to see how my fonts are being received. So for now, and at least till I get my domain (nymphont .com) situated, I have no plans to change this as I don't see it as an inconvenience really.

Also... my friends at Horror Show skateboards have asked me to create stuff for them... as a matter of fact they said I can design their entire site, which is way cool and I do not want to pass that up. But I must admit I am a little intimidated, they are super cool guys though, and I know them and their style well. I think I'll start with a sticker design first though, he he he. Just kidding, I can't wait to get started on that.
Some old journal/blog templates I designed for myself and others a few years ago...(Yes they do enlarge if you click on them):

Simple Life journal

Childsprey Layout for Danielle

The image directly above with "Lauren's Homepage," is an old PG personal site I created for my folks, he he. Yeah, telling my Dad my domain name was... interesting. He said, "Yeah, like a wood nymph. Right." Well Daddy, that's me, your little stripper in Vegas. Ha ha. There's no shame in my game though!

Set Me Free using Frail & Bedazzled font
Oh and I found this on flicker, someone using my font Frail&Bedazzled on some stuff. Cool.

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