Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ha ha ha... this sucks!

Thumb Guess what I just did.

I keep all of my most important personal and work items on a sweet little removable memory thingy. It's organized and convenient.
And I just accidentaly re-formatted it.

Yep. Gone. All of it. This means everything, works in progress, web designs, fonts I was working on...

All efforts to retrieve the lost items have ceased, as I have been unsuccessful. I am an official dumass, idiot, insert any like insulting title here. That'd be me.

I am not optimistic about future attempts at retreival... it's too soon. I'm still too worked up by the fiaso.

One time, I got really pissed off and threw my cellphone into the toilet. When it hit the water I saw the screen flash off. I didn't even try to rescue it. Water, cellphones... it was a lost cause. Chalked it up to a loss and calmed down.

My boyfriend at the time came home, at least thirty minues later, and he decided to fetch the phone from it's watery grave.

And I shit you not, the mutherfucker turned right back on. And it was a crappy Criket Kyocera too.

Who knows. Maybe I will make another attempt to restore what I deleted, but maybe not. Ugh, I could vomit. He he. Meh.

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