Sunday, April 26, 2009

I feel special

I feel special
My sister, "the book enthusiast" that she is, picked up a font book for me while she was out book hunting the other day.Scoured the internet for a pic to share, {laughs} but the only one I could find was the Spanish version. Sorry. My camera phone is on the fritz so for now this is all I have for you:

Shareware Treasure Chest: True Type Fonts Collection
It's called "Shareware Treasure Chest: True Type Fonts Collection." The coolest thing about this book, is that it's like an antique. Circa 1993, it even came complete with an old (vintage) diskette with all of the fonts featured in the book!

Old diskettes
1993? I thought we were using the more recent outdated floppy disks by then! Wow.

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