Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just My Type

Thumb Random notes and information on my fonts... First and foremost, my fonts are free for personal use only. Commercial users must donate to obtain the rights to license my fonts commercially. A more detailed terms of use comes along with all font downloads. Also, I prefer those interested to download my fonts from Other sites may feature old, out-dated and lower quality versions of my fonts.

Why are some of my fonts given the prefix, "LT," while others are not, is there a difference in quality between those with the prefix and those without? To answer the second question, no, there is no difference in quality. As to the reasoning for a font to have"LT" affixed to their name, it basically depends on the font style and how I would like the font to be perceived.

LT Chickenhawk

Some fonts, like LT Chickenhawk, are given the prefix, because they are such a unique and completely genuine never-before-seen original style by myself. In adding "LT" to it's name I feel more secure, that it would always been known as mine.

Many times the reason a font of mine lacks the "LT" prefix, because I want to lessen the amount that the fonts reception by "the public" and it's ensuing success or failure's relation to myself. Not that I am really well known, but since I have had at least one font in dafont's Top 100 at all times during the past year, regular visitors as well as font authors might be familiar with me. And this might make them more or less apt to view and download my fonts.

Champagne & Limousines

Champagne & Limousines for example, is a simple traditional (old-fashioned) styled geometric sans serif. I didn't want to clutter it up with a connection to me. I just wanted it to be the typeface, Champagne & Limousines.

Others are self explanatory, Nymph's Handwriting is another completely original font design, but I was comfortable that "Nymph" would be enough association to myself for me to feel secure.

Nymphette on the other hand... Let me tell you the truth about that font. The truth is, I hate that font. It could be better. I mean it looks good and all, but from a (novice) font-designers perspective... it could be better. Most wouldn't notice or mind that the glyphs have a ridiculous amount of points, but I know they do, and that bothers me.
The kicker is, thus far, Nymphette is my most successful font as far as longevity is concerned. Since it's debut 01-19-2009, Nymphette has remained in the Top100
I guess I am glad about it's success. Maybe not the most perfect of fonts, but it obviously serves a purpose, to remain so popular without any effort on my part to promote it. Though it's not one I would have chosen to be known for most, but what can you do?

I think LT Oksana is extremely unique and has many characteristics that add-- for lack of a better word, character to it's look.
I think in time, LT Oksana might be more appreciated. It's kinda neat I think.
LT Oksana

Maybe someday, I will fix the kerning and spacing issues with the font, as the kind folks at also pointed out. Yeah, I should.

The Significance of the 'LT' Prefix Explained

Another thing, "LT" is a reference to myself, Lauren Thompson. Early in my "experimenting" with digital type, I "googled" myself and fonts. When several results pertained to Linotype, I became a bit worried that some people might confuse my fonts as having some association with the foundry, which I do not. Nor am I trying to imply any or ride on anyone's coat-tails.
But so far this fear has proven to be unfounded, no one has ever said anything of the sort, I haven't heard any mention of it. Thankfully.

Anyways, sorry for the bore, these were just some things I have felt the need to clarify for quite some time.

"Stay tuned and give your life a listen," ~Me, Lauren Nymphont

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