Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Situated

There, that's more like it. I played around with the CSS properties and think I have come up with a style I can live with, for a little while at least, though, it's not that impressive. But then again, I have put this blog up haphazardly whilst managing my .com.

How quaint! "Lauren's Great Patriotic Site Award," circa 1997 and prior. It was rated 3.0 on Award Sites, he he he. Relics thanks to The Internet Archive.

And my old banner for my old link-ware graphics site from the same era! This was when I began making quantum leaps in my ability manipulate graphics as well as design, and began to take advancing those skills seriously. I remember making the "pearl" embellishments from a blank canvas was a skill I newly acquired at the time.

I can't believe I ever used that font though, it's right up there in the cheezy font category! I did use a lovely ding-bat called BR Doodles from Back Room Graphics to "set" the pearls in. I'll give them a shout-out since they were so kind back then, and I myself am making fonts as well. Thanks Back Room Graphics!

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