Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Amazing Dafont Font Authors

10 Amazing Dafont Font Authors It's no secret that I love Whether downloading or submitting fonts, is where it's at. New designers as well as well known designers can showcase their work on one of the most visited font sites on the net.

I rounded up 10 of Dafont's (many) great designers. Nymphont approved and recommended, I am inspired by these designers I found on

  1. Kirk Shelton
    Famous for his font Pee Pant's Script, Kirk is a super talented designer, his latest, "Negatron," is fantastic . Visit and download Kirk's fonts at
  2. (Andrew2)
    Known for stylish grunge fonts, Andrew2 is a young designer whose fonts are very popular. He's a bit younger than myself, and just seems to have his finger on the pulse of what's "hot" today. I like his new "Hawaii Lover." Visit and download Andrew2's fonts at Dafont
  3. Shamrock
    I don't know much about this designer, but I dig his font, "Big Top." I have been stuck on Circus/Western fonts lately, his font Big Top is a unique and super variation. Check out Shamrock's fonts at
  4. Billy Argel
    I am so fucking jealous of this dude I don't want to write about him, but he is a must see. His fonts are stylish and have been used all over the place. I love his "Monbijoux." Check out his fonts I hate because I didn't make them.
  5. Tioem
    Another super creative designer, I love his font "Flim Flam." Don't know much about him but I hope to see more of his creations. Check out his fonts on
  6. Eric Mynahan
    Young designer who creates amazing fonts, really detailed and elaborate. I think his "Route Three" is fantastic. Visit and download his fonts at
  7. Jovana Gaspar
    Her font "A Lolita Scorned" is magnificent. Great style and artistic vision. Visit and download her fonts at .com
  8. Koczman Bálint
    Fellow FontCreater and new font designer, really making some neat stuff. He created "Capture IT" which has become the staple grunge font, and is steady in dafont'stop 100. I am so jealous. Check out his fonts I hate because I didn't make them
  9. Heather T
    She only has one font on, "Sea Dreams" but I think it's perfectly lovely, I hope to see more of her creations. Check out Heather T on
  10. Holyrose
    Creates lovely blackletter caligraphy styles, such as my favorite Bonbon Bleu. Visit and download her fonts at

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