Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 10 Not-Free Fonts

Top 10 Not-Free Fonts With so much attention placed on so-called "free" fonts these days, this list hearkens the subject at hand: fonts. Period. Digital typefaces spawning new renditions by today's designers, some worthy contributions, as well as some less respectable "knock-off" varieties.

Regardless of recent trends, these fonts are timeless, and unsurpassed in their perfection. They do not disprove the notion, that the quality of purchase-ware fonts eclipses that of freeware fonts . From the many legions of beautiful fonts, this list is "Nymphont's Top 10 Not-Free Fonts."

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on my selections, and to share your own favorites!

*"Where to Find »" links are for informational purposes only, I do not receive commissions for providing them, I do so only as to provide the information. If any information is incorrect or if there is a more appropriate link please let me know.

#1 Avant Garde | Herb Lubalin
Where to Find »
Avant Garde
#2 Georgia | Matthew Carter
Where to Find »
#3 Futura | Paul Renner
Where to Find »
#4 Goudy Old Style | Frederic W. Goudy
Where to Find »
Goudy Old Style
#5 Clarendon | Edouard Hoffmann and Hermann Eidenbenz
Where to Find »
#6 Palatino Linotype | Hermann Zapf
Where to Find »
Palatino Linotype
#7 Gando | Nicholas Gando
Where to Find »
#8 Footlight MT Light | ?
Where to Find »
Footlight MT Light
#9 Bodoni | Giambattista Bodoni
Where to Find »
#10 Century Gothic | Monotype Imaging
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Century Gothic

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