Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Champagne & Limousines Font on iPhone

Champagne & Limousines Font on iPhone Being discussed on the MacThemes Forum, was the font Champagne & Limousines now modified for use on the iPhone. You can get Champagne & Limousines for your iPhone from Cydia, the iPhone App store competitor, or directly from your iPhone from the Debian APT after you "jailbreak," your phone.

Champagne & Limousines Font on Iphone Click to view larger full image
Champagne & Limousines Font on iphone, mouse-over and click to enlarge
So if you want to get Champagne & Limousines on your iPhone or would like more details, visit the Cydia App page for it at modmyi.com.
Also, I was pleased to see this, the font was featured in article on Processing.js, the article is a how-to example that explains how to create active "hover-able" links in Processing.js using the font of your choice. Really cool! To view the tutorial click here.
Champagne & Limousines Font in Processing.js
Processing.js Screen-shot
The TrueType font family Champagne & Limousines Font by Nymphont is free to download for personal use, and can be used commercially upon making a PayPal donation.

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