Friday, June 26, 2009

Aeropostale Uses LT Chickenhawk Font

Aéropostale Uses LT Chickenhawk Font LT Chickenhawk, the original font I designed February of this year, was used by the popular mall-based retailer Aéropostale. The font appeared in promotional materials for the company's annual Memorial Day sale, which ran from 05/21/09 through 05/27/09, and were mailed out to the retailer's email subscribers.

Aéropostale Promo featuring LT Chickenhawk Font

I personally like the brand and had a positive experience with the company, so I am happy they employed my fonts for their advertising, and would gladly have a font featured in future materials for the company.

The font LT Chickenhawk is free for personal use but can be licensed for commercial use with a PayPal donation.

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