Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesdays 10: Tops of the Types 1

Tuesdays 10: Tops of the Types 1 Tops of the Types, is a new feature on this blog that will appearing somewhat regularly one Tuesday every month, provided I have content for it. This month's post just making it in before Wednesday!

This feature will list ten or so of my latest favorite free or free for personal use font finds. I do a bit of font seeking, and come across some pretty cool fonts, here I share my favorites with you. This is also an oppurtunity for me to give some of my favorite lesser known fonts or designers a spotlight. Still, a well known font or designer may also be featured here as well.

"Where to Download" links will take you to the source of the feature or author of the feature's website, or to the dafont.com location where it can be downloaded, to give those authors much deserved traffic and statistics.

Here are my selections for this month's Top's of the Type:
#1 Aller Font | Dalton Maag
Where to Download »
Aller Font

#2 Lacuna Font | Peter Hoffman
Where to Download »
Lacuna Font

#3 Advent Font | Andreas Kalpakidis
Where to Download »
Advent Pro Font

#4 Sybil Green Font | Ray Larabie
Where to Download »
Sybil Green Font

#5 Arrière Garde Font | Clément Nicolle
Where to Download »
Arrière Garde Font

#6 Barbaric Font | Aeryn
Where to Download »
Barbaric Font

#7 My First F. Font | Kirk Shelton
Where to Download »
My First F. Font

#8 Bonbon Bleu Font | Holyrose
Where to Download »
Bonbon Bleu Font

#9 MTF Chunkie Font | Miss Tiina
Where to Download »
MTF Chunkie Font

#10 Circus Font | Dan Roseman
Where to Download »
Circus Font

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