Monday, November 2, 2009

Tops of the Types November

Tops of the Types NovemberLast month came and went without a "Tops of the Types," post, I didn't want to repeat that again this month, so I scoured dafont [my favorite font site] and the web in search of the ten fonts making up November's list. (FYI "Tops of the Types," is an ongoing monthly feature where I select and share ten of my favorite recent free font discoveries.)

This month I really did find some nice ones! Without further adieu, I bring you ten fantastic and free fonts,  November's Tops of the Types. There wasn't anything specific I looked for when making my selections, these fonts just caught my eye. I hope you enjoy them.

To download click on the font names, which refer to the dafont or other source-download-site, rather than directly to the download itself. Click on images to enlarge. Also, this month I decided not to "number" the ten, as it is really difficult to rate them, fonts are shown in no particular order. I like them all.

Nadia Serif Font | Bruno Maag
Nadia Serif font

Jalane Font | Calame Design (Benoît Sjöholm)
Jalane Font

Nevis Font | Ed Merrit
Nevis Font

IQ Font | Pierre and Damien
IQ Font

Andalusian Font | The Original 19
Andalusian Font

Designer Notes Font | Roger Ridpath
Designer Notes Font

DeLarge Font | Pinglasso Prints
DeLarge Font

Bauserif Font | Ayelen Arpini
Bauserif Font

Please share your thoughts below on November's Tops of the Types. If you know of other fonts deserving a spot in a future edition, do tell as well so that I can check it out, thanks!

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