Saturday, September 26, 2009

8 Amazing Screen Captures of Fonts In Use

8 Amazing Screen Captures of Fonts In UseI came upon several wonderful websites recently employing my fonts in their designs, I took a few screen captures for examples of my fonts in use. I am very pleased with how the designer's of these sites have implemented my fonts, and of course I'm stoked my font was useful to them and chosen for their design. Take a look at these 8 screen captures of websites where my fonts are in use below.

Amber Snow Photography



Design Adept

Dan Kern, Writer Storyteller

Love Like Astra

Studio Nash Vegas

I hope you enjoyed viewing these websites, share your thoughts below in a comment. Also, do you use one of my fonts in your web design? If so feel free to comment and share your URL as well. I'd be happy to feature your site in a future post.

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