Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inspiring Vintage Script Typography

Inspiring Vintage Script TypographyIt's been a while since I posted any inspiration, so I thought I'd share with you these snippets of "retro" script from "vintage," advertisements and other ephemera. I don't know if it's just me or if other typography enthusiasts designate a large portion of space (virtual and physical) to items loved for their beautiful type, but these bits are from a little treasure trove on my hard-drive simply labled "Letters - Cursive." : )

I gave them a little style for your sake, as my stored version is a simple black and white bitmap, being that I saved them just for their typography. Though they wont dazzle you like the three-dimensional art popular today and they are not monumental works of type, I pride myself on posting inspiring pieces that are unique and, well, inspiring. Not to mention they are my own personal treasures.

Images are shown smaller than actual size, click to view full size. Enjoy!

1940's Coty Slogan
Inspiring Retro Script

Random Vintage Advertising Snippets
Inspiring Retro Script

Vintage Store Sign
Inspiring Retro Script

*"Snippets" shown were obtained from sources designated public domain/or had expired copyrights, though some images are given a "watermark," but this is only to protect the works on this blog. I do not claim a copyright or trademark to any particular slogan or brand name appearing in these pieces nor do I intend to infringe upon any that I am unaware of. Just for the love of type, these are some random bits of inspiring retro script.

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