Monday, October 12, 2009

The Header Graphic Obsession

Thumb My desire to improve this blogs aesthetic could more accurately be described as an obsessive compulsion. Constantly making adjustments, I can't ignore what I am displeased with! The header graphic being one area that I have had some serious difficulties settling on.

The amount of different header graphics that I have tried and created for this blog is actually embarrassing! Even so, it really seemed a waste to hide them in my Picasa account, so I selected a few of my personal favorites to display again in this post. In no particular order, a few of the many (many) headers I have created for this blog. Click to view larger images.






16 - Full Size


And of course, there is the header used at present (or at the time of posting that is) which is displayed below:

Not since this former layout have I been pleased with my header. Sigh. What's a girl to do? Maybe I should use a script to alternate or display a random header image. Now there's an idea!

If you haven't been bored to death by this (or even if you have!) please share your thoughts below :) Give your life a listen & stay tuned, ~ Lauren (Nymphont)

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